Today is DAY 74 in the Big Brother house and the Power of Veto ceremony has just taken place.

Last night was pretty intense on the live feeds. A possible backdoor plan was heavily discussed but ultimately it was squashed. You can read about the backdoor plan that could’ve been, here.

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A backdoor plan almost came together on the live feeds last night but sadly it looks as though it’s not going to become a reality.

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Before Saturday’s POV competition, Derrick seemed to be planting a couple seeds about Frankie. He mentioned that he isn’t really scared of Christine, while Frankie does scare him. Cody and Derrick both agreed with him. Later, Caleb questioned Derrick and said, “So Frankie could possibly go home before Victoria?” Derrick responded with a “Yes.”

After the competition, Christine, Cody, and Caleb talked more about their frustrations with Frankie and his paranoia. They brought up the fact that Frankie told Christine that Caleb was the sole person trying to flip the vote to save Donny last week (Christine told Cody this & Cody told Caleb). They still agreed that Nicole has to go this week.

Yesterday, Caleb talked to Derrick in the HOH room. He was having some concerns about keeping Frankie in the game and was questioning Derrick about whether they should send him home or not. Caleb’s main argument was that it will be easier to beat Nicole in competitions than Frankie. Derrick was seemingly trying to play Devil’s advocate and was trying to make Caleb have doubts about sending Frankie home. He told him that it was too early for Frankie to try and make a move. Caleb said that he doesn’t trust Frankie as far as he can throw him.

Derrick, Cody, and Caleb all chatted together in the HOH room. Derrick was still playing devil’s advocate poking holes through Caleb’s backdoor idea. They all agreed that if Frankie does go up that he would have to go home. Caleb still pushed the fact that Frankie has performed better in competitions than Nicole. By the end of the conversation it seemed like Derrick might’ve been on board — he said “Ready to do this boys?” right before Frankie made his way up to the HOH room and interrupted the conversation.

Derrick and Caleb again got into the HOH room alone and Derrick told Caleb that he could see that he is leaning towards getting Frankie out. Sadly, Frankie came up and interrupted that conversation as well. Frankie could tell that Caleb was thinking about something and started questioning him saying, “I see your wheels turning.” Minutes later, Derrick tried to ask Victoria who Nicole would target if she stayed. Victoria told him that Nicole told her earlier in the day that she would target Cody. Derrick wasn’t convinced.

Cody and Caleb chatted and Caleb told him that he didn’t know what to do. Cody seemed to be presenting the argument that Frankie should go by saying he’s the better competitor and that he doesn’t think Nicole would try and work with Christine. Caleb told him that if Frankie had the chance to get one of them out he would probably do it. For the third time, Frankie came up and interrupted the conversation.

Derrick finally got a chance to talk with Nicole in the Have-Not room. He asked her who she would target and she told him Christine and Victoria. Derrick told her that he was making an effort to keep her but wasn’t sure it was in his best interests to do so. Nicole promised him that if he saved her she would be loyal to him for the rest of the game. Derrick warned her not to get her hopes up but said “If I can make it happen…”

Cody came into the Have-Not room and he talked with Derrick about the possible plan. Derrick was still unsure but Cody told him he thinks they should send Frankie home this week. Derrick told him that he would go with whatever he wanted him to do this week even if Cody is more confident with it than he is. Derrick told Cody that he would take to Caleb later on. Caleb comes into the room and rehashes a conversation he had been having with Frankie. Caleb let them know that Frankie, who has been very paranoid all night, tried to reassure that he is loyal to them. After Caleb left, Cody told Derrick that they have a chance to make a huge move.

Back up in the HOH, Caleb talked with Derrick about the backdoor option once again. Caleb still acted as if he was totally undecided. Derrick told him that Cody is on board for obvious reasons. He tells him that Nicole told he she would target Christine and Victoria. Caleb still seemed to be toying with both options. He posed the question, “Is Beast Mode going to make the biggest move of the season or take the easy way out?” Caleb told Derrick he wanted him and Cody to tell him who they want gone but Derrick wouldn’t give him a straight answer.

Cody finally joined them in the HOH room and after Frankie came up to say goodnight, the three guys had a LONG conversation (I’m talking hours) about who to send home this week. They went over every possible scenario and kept repeating the same things. They all agreed that Frankie is a better competitor than Nicole, hands down. Now, it was Cody and Derrick pushing more for Frankie to go and Caleb defending him. By the end of the conversation, Caleb kept saying that if Frankie is on their side, it’s better to have a good competitor on their side so they can win. The conversation went back and forth a million times…”Who can we beat?…”Will Frankie take a shot at us?”…Will “Nicole work with Christine?”…Why did Frankie go to Christine with a final two deal?”

Eventually, the group decided they would talk about it again in the morning. However, Derrick came back up to the HOH room to push for Frankie to go one more time. By the time he left again, the group had decided to just send Nicole home this week. Sigh…

Therefore, we have the backdoor plan that could’ve been.

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