Ahead of tomorrow night’s season finale, CBS has released some exclusive photos from the traditional jury roundtable that will feature this season’s jury members discussing the final three. Of course, one of the three houseguests still left in the house will be joining the jury on the live show, therefore they don’t get the chance to participate in the discussion.

The seven photos below depict Caleb’s arrival as well as the candids of each juror expressing their opinion on who they think deserves to win the game. You’ll also notice that Dr. Will will be making a return appearance this year (a la Big Brother 15) to moderate the panel.

Check out all the images below:








Are you excited to see what the jurors have to say about the final three? Let us know in the comments below.

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Ratings wise, this has been an extremely strong season for Big Brother — even while taking the recent time slot changes into consideration. Since the season began, the ratings have continued to rise and the show has been consistently beating the 7 million mark for overall viewers.

This will be the longest season in the show’s history with a total of 97 days and forty television episodes. Since we last did a report of the show’s ratings, 12 new episodes have aired. You can check a list of those episodes below, which features the demographic rating followed by the total viewers (in millions).

Episode 28: Wednesday, August 27 (2.3/6.88)
Episode 29: Thursday, August 28 (2.0/5.70)
Episode 30: Sunday, August 31 (2.0/5.86)
Episode 31: Wednesday, September 3 (2.3/6.55)
Episode 32: Thursday, September 4 (2.2/6.45)
Episode 33: Sunday, September 7 (2.4/7.07)
Episode 34: Tuesday, September 9 (2.3/6.76)
Episode 35: Wednesday, September 10 (2.4/6.99)
Episode 36: Sunday, September 14 (2.5/7.41)
Episode 37: Tuesday, September 16 (2.3/6.91)
Episode 38: Wednesday, September 17 (2.2/6.60)
Episode 39: Friday, September 19 (1.6/5.16)

The show also consistently wins the #1 position for the time slot that it airs in and wins the night for CBS across all of the other broadcast networks. 33 of the 39 episodes that have aired so far this season have won the #1 position in the time slot that they aired in. 18 of those 39 episodes have also been the highest rated show of the night for CBS across all of the broadcast networks — and with the exception of two episodes all 39 have at least been in the top three.

There’s no question that Big Brother will be back for another season next summer, although no official renewal has been announced yet by CBS. In past seasons, CBS has made the announcement on the day of the finale so it’s very likely that we’ll hear something about it tomorrow.

Stay tuned to Big Brother Source for live coverage of the Big Brother 16 season finale! The finale will air at a special time — Wednesday at 9:30pm ET on CBS. Don’t miss it!

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