BB15 Live Eviction & HOH Competition Updates!

by Matt Richmond on July 3, 2013


The first LIVE eviction of the summer is upon us. I’ll be posting updates as the episode airs to this post.

Check back to Big Brother Source for all of the latest information on how the each housguest votes, who the evicted houseguest is, and who wins tonight’s important HOH competition!


The new HOH is: The houseguets are currently competing in an endurance HOH competition in teams. It is the competition where the houseguests have to fill up a container with liquid while walking on a slippery catwalk – as seen on BB8, BB13, and BB14. Houseguests have never worked in teams before so we don’t yet know how the HOH will be chosen once a team fills their container. I’ll post updates here as the competition continues!

Update #1: The HOH comp pairings are Andy/Elissa, Spencer/Helen, Amanda/Kaitlin, Nick/Judd, Jeremy/Aaryn, Howard/Jessie, and Candice/GinaMarie.

Update #2: Waiting for the feeds to come back up…stay tuned.

Update #3: Elissa and Andy about halfway, Amanda and Kaitlin a little behind Elissa and Andy. Judd and Nick almost have the smaller container full which will give them two bigger cups.

Update #4: Judd and Nick now working with two bigger cups to fill up the large container.

Update #5: Judd and Nick making a lot of progress thanks to the bigger cups. About a quarter full.

Update #6: Candice and GinaMarie about halfway full. Spencer and Helen working on filling their small container to get bigger cups, they have nothing in their larger container.

Update #7: Howard and Jessie filled their small container and are using the bigger cups. Andy and Elissa about 75% full.

Update #8: Jeremy and Aaryn look to be a little bit ahead of Elissa and Andy.

Update #9: Howard and Jessie look to be a little over halfway full.

Update #10: Judd and Nick have filled past the halfway point.

Update #11: It looks to be between Andy/Elissa and Jeremy/Aaryn at this point. They are very close. Nick and Judd are doing well with the big cups so we’ll see if they can catch up. Andy/Elissa and Jeremy/Aaryn at about 75% full.

Update #12: Jeremy was able to get the ball out of the container so Jeremy and Aaryn have won the competition. Now we have to wait and see how the new HOH will be determined.

The houseguest’s eviction votes are as follows:

Nick: evict David
Jeremy: evict Elissa
GinaMarie: evict Elissa
Aaryn: evict Elissa
Kaitlin: evict Elissa
Howard: evict David
Spencer: evict David
Andy: evict David
Helen: evict David
Judd: evict David
Amanda: evict David
Candice: evict Elissa

The evicted houseguest is: DAVID

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Tony Neal July 3, 2013 at 9:53 pm

Thanks for all the updates! It’s very helpful to have you give us a play by play.

Heather July 3, 2013 at 10:35 pm

Aayron won…Booo she is so fake! Elissa is going back up…that sucks ..pulling for her since everyone seems to dislike her for no apparent reason.

Tony Neal July 3, 2013 at 11:03 pm

I like Elissa too! Aaryn is quite displeasent; I can see right through her little good girl act.

Tony Neal July 3, 2013 at 10:54 pm

I like Elissa too! Aaryn is quite displeasent; I can see right through her little good girl act.

artist1 July 4, 2013 at 1:08 am

I understand Aaryn lost her job. What was her job? I thought she
was a college student. Does she go to school and work, too?

Leah July 4, 2013 at 12:32 pm

Other sites are indicating the Jermery and Aaryn were actually exchanging cups rather then pouring one cup into the other. Maybe they will be eliminated for cheating. Hope so. Why do such mean people win.

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