BB15 Live Feed Recap: Week 3, Day 25!

by Matt Richmond on July 16, 2013


It’s Day 25 in the Big Brother house. Today the POV Ceremony took place and the plan for the week was officially set into motion.

Click below for a recap of the day’s events!

To recap: POV winner Kaitlyn removed herself from the block. HOH Helen nominated Jeremy as the replacement nominee.

The feeds have been rather slow the last couple of days because everyone seems to be pretty much on the same page that Jeremy will be leaving the house this week. Everyone in the house knew that Jeremy was getting nominated, including Jeremy.

Candice and Jeremy got into an arguement today about David’s eviction votes and wether Candice mentioned putting up McCrae and Amanda when they asked her who she would nominate the week Aaryn was HOH. She said that the only person she said they should put up was Nick.

Helen told ELissa that they made a deal with Aaryn if she wins HOH she won’t put either of them up or they will just vote out the MVP nominee again.

It seems that the main target for next week will be Howard. McCrae and Amanda think something is up with Elissa still. I think they still feel that she might have made a deal with Howard and that’s why she didn’t nominate him this week. Helen and Andy said they might have to threaten her to put him up if she gets HOH but I think if she did get HOH she would put him up if thats really what the house wanted.

Amanda didn’t like that Helen told Kaitlyn that she would protect her after Jeremy goes. I wouldn’t have told Kaitlyn that at all if I were HOH. I would’ve told her that there should be no question that she should use the Veto since she’s on the block and if she doesn’t use it we’ll vote you out because you’re protecting Jeremy.

Amanda, McCrae, Andy, and Judd are in an alliance called the ‘Goof Troop.’

Spencer and Helen talked so she could reassure him that he is safe this week against Jeremy. He asked if the plan was still to get rid of Aaryn, Kaitlyn, and GinaMarie over the next three weeks and wipe out the rest of that side of the house and Helen said it was. However, I think Howard is still the #1 target and Spencer isn’t far behind.

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HELP911 July 16, 2013 at 12:58 pm

Howard is not a threat at this time!! They are focused on the wrong people. This season most of these BBHGs has a weak game play. Certain things are right in their face and they still don’t see who they need to get out for their own game play. You can’t play or follow someone else’s game.


lisa flint July 16, 2013 at 11:12 pm

Omg howard ?? Seriously…i cant believe helen would do thar America is gonna be screaming at the TV if she does that. However I will be doing a jiggidy jig when jeremy gets the ax …


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