BB15 Live Feed Updates (Monday July 1st)

by Matt Richmond on July 1, 2013


Another day in the Big Brother house…check out some live feed updates by clicking below!

It was a fairly quiet day in the Big Brother house now that the veto ceremony has taken place and there’s still quite of bit of time until Wednesday’s eviction. I’m sure things will be heating up again as the live show gets closer and closer.

I was literally typing the above sentences when things totally blew up in the house! Read on to find out what happened.

The Have-nots found out that they were going to be able to eat at midnight so they were all celebrating in the kitchen as soon as they were allowed to eat. The houseguests also got alcohol earlier in the evening. Jeremy stole a bottle of red wine and only shared it with those that he wanted to outside in the backyard (Aaryn, David, Jessie, Judd were outside). He said that other people are inconsiderate to him so he was going to be inconsiderate to them. Meanwhile, the people inside (Elissa, Helen, Andy, Candice, Howard, and Judd) started to ask where the wine went since they were finally allowed to drink it.

Kaitlin was upset that Jeremy took the wine so she went into the bedroom and started crying. David eventually went to the bedroom and talked to Kaitlin. Aaryn told Spencer at the hot tub that she was not sorry for drinking a glass of wine that was handed to her. Apparently Aaryn overheard someone ask ‘where’s the wine?’ to which Amanda replied ‘check their teeth.’ Amanda then went to the DR. Jeremy decided to come in and yell at everyone in the kitchen. He told them all that he drank the wine and that they’re inconsiderate to him so he is going to be that way to them. Elissa made it clear that she thought his behavior was ridiculous. Back the bedroom, Kaitlin was even more upset that he was confronting them since they didn’t do anything and he took the wine.

Elissa started talking about how ridiculous it was the he was yelling at everyone and made a comment about how he’s only 23 years old. This ticked off McCraw a little and he got into a little tiff with Elissa that it has nothing to do with age (he’s also 23). Elissa tried to say that she didn’t mean it in that way but McCrae just left and went up to the HOH. Kaitlin told David to go get Jeremy and bring him to the bedroom — she was not happy.

Amanda came back from the DR to all of this drama happening and went out to the hot tub since her name was being brought into it from the ‘check their teeth’ comment. Amanda and Jeremy argued back and forth for a while and Amanda explained her comments. She started crying and eventually went over to sit on the patio furniture. He also pointed to Andy who came to the hot tub that he heard that he had mentioned his name, which Andy quickly denied. Kaitlin decided to come out there and was standing by the door to wait for him to be finished talking to Amanda. Meanwhile, Jeremy was still spouting off about how he’s here to play and he’ll tell you to your face if he has a problem. Kaitlin snapped and ordered him to the bedroom which he slowly complied to.

Kaitlin started yelling at Jeremy for starting an argument when nobody did anything wrong. David was in the room as well. Kaitlin pointed out that she now thinks David will be going home for sure. David said the vote will probably be 6-5 now (thinking he would only have the Boom Squad votes). Kaitlin really laid into him and asked why he was bringing everybody down with him. She told him that she should apologize to Andy and Helen for sure. Andy eventually entered the room and Kaitlin told him not to defend Jeremy. Candice also entered the room.

Helen, Amanda, and Mcrae were up in the HOH. Helen was very upset about Jeremy’s comments and she was in tears. Eventually Jeremy came into the HOH and asked Helen if they could talk. They went down to the cockpit (the lounge) and had a conversation. Helen was still crying through most of it. Jeremy apologized and just kept saying that the game makes you do crazy things. Helen said that Jeremy’s mother wouldn’t be proud of his behavior because he mentioned earlier that he was excited for his mom to watch the show.

Meanwhile, back in the bedroom Candice got into another argument with Aaryn over the hat again. She restated that she did not sit on Aaryn’s hat the night before. Aaryn has really started a lot of problems in the house which is not going to help her next week at all. To recap, she’s argued with Candice with Candice over this hat incident, she was apparently mad at McCrae because he gave her a suggestion on how to cook a pizza and she says he gave her attitude about it, she exaggerated what Amanda said about the wine which started the whole argument. She’s also argued with David this week because he talked to Elissa one day and because Jessie put sunscreen on David’s back one day in the backyard. One day argued with Jeremy when David told her that Jeremy though her and Jessie might know each other. Helen found out that Aaryn said she was crying at the veto ceremony when Elissa got put up (Helen apparently never cried) and therefore she must be aligned with Elissa. She saw Andy talking to Helen and Elissa and started a rumor around the hot tub last night that the three of them must be aligned. And of course, she’s had her arguments with Elissa earlier in the week as well.

When it was just McCrae in the HOH, Nick came upstairs and they both celebrated the argument. Nick was happy because now it makes sense that the house would flip and keep Elissa this week to weaken Jeremy’s alliance. He says that it doesn’t matter if the vote comes out 9-3 now. Eventually Howard and Spencer joined the conversation. McCrae told him that he thinks he can keep Jeremy off the block next week if he continues to blame everything on Aaryn.

Later on, Helen came back up to the HOH after her conversation with Jeremy, and recapped it for Amanda and McRae and then recapped it again once Spencer and Howard came in. She basically told them that she is going to use the ‘mom’ card on him because she thinks that got to him. She thinks that if he got HOH she could convince him to put up Aaryn. They all discussed that Aaryn is the common denominator in all of the arguments that have started.

Amanda continued to speculate with Andy, Spencer, and Howard that there is something going on with Nick. She is suspicious because he gets called to the DR a lot but doesn’t talk game with anyone. She obviously doesn’t know that Nick is leading the alliance making up the backbone of the house. Andy agreed and Howard and Spencer obviously had to pretend to agree. She mentioned that they need to get him out and if for some reason Aaryn did get HOH next week that they could use the MVP to get Nick out.

I’m sorry if the order of events is a little jumbled. A lot happened tonight — If you have the feeds you can flashback to midnight and watch it all unfold. If you don’t have the live feeds yet you can try them free for 48 hours and if you want to keep them it’s just $26.99 for the ENTIRE season or $9.99 for a monthly subscription — SIGN UP FOR 24/7 LIVE FEEDS HERE!

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