BB15 Live Feed Updates: Week 10, Day 73!

by Matt Richmond on September 1, 2013


Today was DAY 73 in the Big Brother house! Today, the POV Competition was played!

Click below to view what has been happening in the house since today’s very important Veto competition!

RECAP: Last night, GinaMarie nominated Amanda and McCrae for eviction. Today, the houseguests competed in the POV Competition (with the exception of Judd) and McCrae won.

9:54am: Amanda tells Andy in the HOH that he has to win the Veto. Amanda says she wants to stay and fight but the odds are still better for McCrae. Amanda leaves and then Spencer tells Andy that Elissa has to go next. Andy says that whoever stays out of McCrae/Amanda have to stay because Elissa has to go next.

9:59am: GinaMarie promises not to put up Judd or Elissa as the replacement if McCrae or Amanda come down.

10:00am: Elissa whispers Judd that Andy is working every side of the house. Judd says “really?” and Elissa says yes. Elissa says she has been watching and knows that he can’t be trusted.

10:02am: Andy says he is worried because Elissa thinks he is playing both sides of the house. GinaMarie tells him it’s because Amanda was happy when he was picked to play in the Veto and thinks he would take one of them off. After Elissa leaves, Judd tells Andy that she thinks he is playing all sides of the house. He isn’t surprised. Judd tells him that he will work on Elissa for him.

10:09am: Andy tells GinaMarie what Judd just told him. Andy/GinaMarie/Spencer say Elissa needs to go first during a double eviction. Andy tells GinaMarie/Spencer that if McCrae goes Amanda will work with Spencer/Andy and Elissa will work with GinaMarie/Judd. Andy says the Exterminators need to stay together because Amanda will try to work with them.

10:27am: The Exterminators talk about the Veto. Judd is upset that he can’t play. They talk about McCrae seeming defeated and that Amanda’s tears are fake. They agree it is more important for them to take punishments in the POV so Amanda/McCrae don’t win. It turns into an Amanda bashing session.

12:03pm-2:09pm: Feeds on trivia for the Veto competition. When they return, McCrae has won the Veto.

2:11pm: Judd trying to figure out a plan to get McCrae to use the Veto on Amanda so they can vote Amanda out. He suggests in the HOH that Elissa could go up as the pawn. Amanda is crying in the bathroom. Exterminators meet in the HOH and Spencer volunteers to go up as a replacement against Amanda. GinaMarie doesn’t want to put Elissa up because Elissa didn’t put her up last week.

2:23pm: Amanda telling McCrae that her game is over and he needs to put up GinaMarie/Elissa next week.

2:34pm: Andy says in the HOH that at least after today everyone knows where his loyalty lies and GinaMarie says she knows. He leaves to go find Amanda/McCrae.

2:43pm: GinaMarie ensures Elissa she will not be nominated as the replacement and they agree she has to win the next HOH. Elissa/GinaMarie talk about a final three with Judd. GinaMarie says Andy will beat both of them in a jury vote. Elissa says they need to keep pretending they don’t like each other. Elissa says the boys are trying to pit them against each other.GinaMaire says that Spencer needs to go soon. GinaMarie says she knows Andy is a weasel.

3:39pm: Judd whispers with Amanda and he tells her she may stay. Amanda crying to Judd for his vote. Judd says he would not have put them up if he had been HOH.

4:07pm: Amanda tries to convince GinaMarie to put up Elissa. She tells her she still has a chance to make a huge move. Amanda tells her if she keeps her here she will still have two people with her next week. GinaMarie tells her she is not going to put up Elissa. Amanda calls Elissa a bully and tells GinaMarie/Andy/Spencer that she does not deserve to be here. Amanda starts crying again and Andy/SPencer leave. Amanda tells GinaMarie she would be loyal to her until the end of the game. Amanda says she has been loyal to Andy since week one. Amanda keeps talking about Elissa. Amanda suggests that no one will take Elissa to final four so she should just get rid of her now. Amanda says that just because she and McCrae are a duo doesn’t mean they are a power duo.

5:14pm: GinaMarie goes to the backyard and tells the guys that Amanda told he they can roll through the house together. and GinaMarie taking out Elissa or Judd would be a huge move. GinaMarie wants to make sure they still want McCrae/Amanda gone. They all agree. Judd says they need to go after McCrae like mad dogs next week. He says he’ll nominate him and Elissa for sure. Spencer says that not nominating Elissa will keep her happy and hopefully she will go after McCrae next week. Judd once again bring up if there could be a possibility of McCrae using the Veto on Amanda. Spencer/Andy say there is no way.

5:33pm: Spencer tells Amanda that if ELissa pisses of GinaMarie that is her best bet.Amanda says that her and McCrae never win anything and he says that’s a tough argument after back to back Veto wins.

5:52pm: GinaMarie talks to McCrae. GinaMarie explains her nomination speech to McCrae about saying that Amanda took the fire out of McCrae’s eyes. GinaMarie tells him she is proud of him. GinaMarie tells him she is considering nominating Elissa after talking to Amanda. McCrae asks if she is just saying that. GinaMarie says Amanda made some valid points. McCrae tells her that Elissa does whatever she wants and won’t listen to other people. McCrae tells her that they would work together if she nominates Elissa. He says they would have her back from here on out. McCrae says he doesn’t know what GimaMarie/Elissa/Judd have together. GinaMarie swears they don’t have a deal. McCrae tells her that it looks like she is working with Elissa now. GinaMarie says she is alone and Amanda/McCrae are together in the game. McCrae says all he can ask for if for her to think about putting up Elissa.

6:30pm: McCrae recaps his conversation with GinaMarie to Amanda. Amanda says they need to tell GinaMarie that they, Andy, or Spencer won’t put her up. Elissa goes outside to do yoga and Amanda tells McCrae they should go inside so Amanda doesn’t have to look at her. They go inside. McCrae tells Amanda to get close to GinaMarie. Amanda says she doesn’t want to be blindsides and just wants to know.

8:53pm: Judd, Andy, and McCrae talk about GinaMarie’s nominations and who she will put up as a replacement. Andy says he doesn’t think she will put up Elissa. Andy says GinaMarie wanted to make a big move and split up McCrae/Amanda.

9:01pm: Andy tells Amanda he threw the Veto to her. Andy tells Amanda that Judd is not on board with Amanda staying. Amanda tells Andy to talk to GinaMarie about putting up Elissa. Amanda starts bashing Elissa again saying she is evil.

9:07pm: Andy goes to GinaMarie and says he was told Amanda wants Elissa up as the replacement. GinaMarie laughs and says no. GinaMarie says she doesn’t care what Amanda says and that she won’t change her mind. Andy says he just wanted to make sure.

10:38pm: Elissa walks into the HOH and says she would like a glass of wine and Amanda tells her no because she didn’t drink any last night or today (Amanda has the whole bottle of wine but gave Judd a cup of it). Amanda eventually gives Elissa a small amount.

1:19am: Judd and Andy talking. Judd says if one of them is HOH it might be better to put up a member of the Exterminators up with McCrae. Andy agrees and they both agree that if McCrae were to win Veto Elissa would go up and go home.

1:27am: GinaMarie and Elissa make a pact that the order of eviction should be Amanda, McCrae, Andy, and Spencer. Elissa whispered that she thinks Andy should go before Spencer.

2:00am: Judd asks GinaMarie if Spencer is going to go up. She says yeah probably.

3:03am: Amanda talking about Elissa again and Judd says they all kept her around. GinaMarie says she tried to get her out for weeks in the beginning. Amanda tells her it’s not too late to try again.

3:14am: Spencer asks if anything has changed. GinaMarie says that McCrae/Amanda have talked to her and made valid points for themselves but nothing that would benefit her. Spencer says that they need to be broken up. He points out that Elissa/McCrae will go after each other. GinaMarie says Elissa will nominate Elissa/Judd/GinaMarie. Andy says Elissa would nominate McCrae/Spencer/Andy so it’s dangerous either way. GinaMarie says she will explain not nomination Andy/Judd as the replacement by saying they never nominated her.

3:31am: GinaMarie tells Andy that Elissa said he made a really smarty move (making it sound like Elissa trusts him).

3:32am: Judd tells Amanda/McCrae he’s afraid of being the replacement nominee. They tell him no way. GinaMarie says she trusts the guys but worries about McCrae aligning with them. Andy/Spencer agree but say they will evict McCrae.

3:34am: Andy says Amanda/Elissa drive him crazy at different times. GinaMarie agrees. GinaMarie doesn’t like the way Amanda acts when she doesn’t get her way.

3:56am: Judd says he still can’t shake his plan to try and get McCrae to use the Veto on Amanda. Judd is suggesting that GinaMarie will nominate him as the replacement. Andy/Spencer don’t think it will work.

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Karen Mainous September 1, 2013 at 10:13 am

I watch this every hour it is on tv and I am sick, sick, sick of seeing Amanda manipulate the house! I like Elissa, but doubt she is going to win. But, I want AMANDA out. If she wins, I will be sick. I don’t think I could invest my time again in watching a show like this where the abusive, mean and deranged win. Amanda says ELissa is evil, BECAUSE SHE TALKS ABOUT GOD!!!! How demoralizing to fans. She also has said many racist things, and even Gina Marie went along that route. Gina to a lesser degree only initially when she was fighting with Aaryn against Candaice. Surely GM is just faking this. I don’t care if Elissa is the next to go, but they HAVE to get Amanda out now because she may never be up again. She is a lazy, abusive person who uses her intelligence to hurt others, not play a game. You can win by being a nice person. Jordan has!!!

HELP911 September 1, 2013 at 10:53 am

Karen, I agree. I can’t believe the show didn’t set certain guidelines for this type of behavior. I guess only getting physical is what the show is only “against”. Because if the “right” type of person becomes a HG things can go really “wrong”. Everybody will not be able to just “ignore” or “walk away” from certain “comments”. A lot of nasty things have been said to and about many HGs this season. It is mental abuse!!!

HELP911 September 1, 2013 at 11:02 am

THIS IS TOO MUCH! There are real “nut cases” in this world! And BB let them inside the BBH this season! There is nothing humorous about it!!!!

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