BB15 Week 9: Episode 26 Recap!

by Matt Richmond on August 25, 2013


Tonight, an ALL NEW episode of Big Brother 15 aired on CBS! Viewers saw the conclusion of last Thursday’s endurance HOH competition as well as which juror got to return to the game. Then, the HOH made their nominations for eviction! Read below for a recap of the episode!

As the episode opens up, we see a replay of the HOH competition beginning. Candice explains in the DR that the four jurors are competing amongst each other for a chance to re-enter the game as well as competing against everyone else for HOH. The houseguests are standing on a platform that moves up and down and back and forth while water sprays on them and baseballs are thrown at them. The object of the game is to collect ten baseballs in the quickest time without falling off of your platform. Judd says in the DR that he doesn’t even know where to begin if he were to get back in the game but he does say that Amanda and McCrae better watch their backs. Andy says in the DR that it’s dangerous for any of them to come back because he has been everyone’s best friend and then votes them out. Helen says in the DR that she wants all of them to be afraid that she could come back because they voted her out.

We see a replay of Helen’s eviction. Amanda says that Helen should’ve learned that when you try to come after her, you go home. Spencer says he is happy that he stayed once again after being nominated for the sixth time. Elissa said she was sad to see Helen go because she was her closest ally. Andy said in the DR that he cries every week when someone is evicted after he plots against them all week long but he didn’t say if it was strategy or not. Helen tells Judd a lot of information while they are up on the wall during the competition. He asks her who she was up against and isn’t surprised to hear Spencer because no one will play the game on their own agenda. Aaryn says in the DR that she needs for 3AM to come through for her as she sits on the sidelines during the HOH. Spencer falls off along with McCrae about twenty minutes in. Amanda isn’t happy that they now only have two 3AM members left to win.

Elissa gets in the lead with four balls. Helen tells Jessie on the wall that Elissa is in the game alone now and tells Candice not to trust Andy. Helen tells the jurors that they need to get Amanda out. Judd says in the DR that he is taking all of the information in. Andy says in the DR that he is worried about what Helen was telling them while they were on the wall. Jessie has four balls at this point and is leading for the jurors but she suddenly falls off her platform and is eliminated. On her way out she tells Amanda that she hates her. 49 minutes into the competition Helen falls off. Elissa says in the DR that Helen getting eliminated just gives her more fuel to win. Aaryn says in the DR that she is worried about Judd coming back because she was the one who nominated him when he was evicted. Soon after Helen at 1 hour and 13 minutes Candice falls off, meaning that Judd is going back to the game.

Amanda says in the DR that she doesn’t know where Judd’s head is at and that she is screwed with him coming back. Judd says on the wall that he wants a clean slate with everyone. After Elissa has seven balls she falls on the platform but gets back up. Then, Judd falls off his platform which leaves only Elissa, GinaMarie, and Amanda battling it out for HOH. Elissa says she knows she has to win. Andy says Elissa is a wildcard in the DR. Amanda almost falls off the platform but manages to save herself. Then, Elissa really almost falls (she was only hanging on to the ball receptacle) but still manages to pull herself back on the platform and turn around. Around 1 hour and 35 minutes in, Elissa gets her tenth ball and wins the competition! Amanda says in the DR that she has to get someone else to do her dirty work again but getting Elissa to do what you want isn’t easy. Aaryn says she thinks Elissa will come after her. Elissa says that last week she said she would go after Andy but now realizes that there are bigger targets in the house meaning Aaryn, Amanda ,and McCrae.

Elissa talks to Judd after the competition and asked him why he was so mad at her after he was evicted. He tells her that he was mad at Helen and felt she was acting weird toward him before he left. Elissa tells him that she never wanted him to go. Judd tells her that he is down for anything now. In the bedroom, Andy tells GinaMarie that he doesn’t know what Elissa will do. Aaryn comes in and Andy asks her what she thinks Elissa will do and Aaryn says she thinks Elissa will come after her and GinaMarie. We Aaryn crying in the DR about how she doesn’t want all her hard work to be for nothing. Amanda goes to talk to Elissa and asks about who she is going to put up. Elissa tells her Aaryn is her target and she needs to put up someone who can fight and win the Veto because she wants Aaryn gone. In the DR Elissa says that she is targeting Aaryn she has no desire to work with Amanda. Elissa tells her that she might put up McCrae with Aaryn and Amanda tells her she can’t do that because he might go home if he’s on the block at the end of the week. Elissa says in the DR that putting McCrae up with Aaryn might cause some friction between Amanda, McCrae, and Aaryn. Amanda goes and tells McCrae this and says that they need to convince her to put GinaMarie up instead of McCrae.

Then we see Elissa getting her HOH room. Amanda makes a reference to Britney saying in the DR that nobody wants to see your HOH room when Rachel won. Andy says the Elissa HOH basket sucks because it has a lot of healthy food and a yoga mat. Elissa gets a letter from Rachel. Amanda says in the DR that she is worried one of them will go home if her or McCrae are on the block this week and feels that she can’t control this week. Amanda is crying in her bed and McCrae tells her not to freak out because they can’t control everything. Amanda says they can’t go on the block together. Later, Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, Andy, and Judd are in the HOH. McCrae points out that if she wants Aaryn to go and she doesn’t put GinaMarie on the block and she wins the Veto, she could take Aaryn off and they would both be safe. Elissa says in the DR that she isn’t going to let other people make her decisions. McCrae says there’s a chance one of them could go if they’re on the block. Elissa says in the DR that Amanda doesn’t realize she’s the next target after Aaryn. Amanda starts crying to Elissa and Elissa just tells her that McCrae put her up in the first week and she knew that she wasn’t the target. Elissa tells her that Aaryn has screwed her over in the game and that she has been playing the game for Amanda. Elissa says in the DR that she has to decide to either target Aaryn or go after Amanda/McCrae.

Then, it was time for the nomination ceremony. Aaryn says in the DR that she feels she will be nominated. McCrae says that for the first time in the game he feels like he could be in danger. Amanda says in the DR that she feels defeated. As Elissa is pondering her nominations she says that she has to get out a big player this week and isn’t worried about being targeted next week because it wouldn’t be anything new. Elissa then nominates Aaryn and McCrae for eviction. Elissa tells Aaryn that she has been targeting her since week one and made her life miserable in the house. In the DR, McCrae says that being nominated sucks and that he wants to lay low and win the Veto. Amanda says in the DR that Aaryn was really Elissa’s target then GinaMarie would be on the block with her. Elissa says that she is here to play the game and make big moves.

The next episode of Big Brother 15 airs on Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS!

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