BB15 Week 9: POV Competition Players!

by Matt Richmond on August 24, 2013


The POV compeition will be played later today! The houseguests picked players for today’s Veto competition last night! Click below to find out who will be competing!

With only eight houseguests left, only two of them won’t be playing in the POV today.

The six competing are ELISSA, McCRAE, AARYN, JUDD, AMANDA, and GINAMARIE.

The current plan in the house is to get Amanda on the block next to McCrae by the end of the week. Elissa wants Amanda out and it appears she has the support to do it.

Amanda was not happy that Elissa appeared less than thrilled about pulling Amanda’s name from the bag and that Aaryn didn’t pick her (she picked Judd who is on board with the get Amanda out plan) when she pulled a housegeust choice chip. Then, a fight broke out between Amanda and GinaMarie. It’s bound to be an exciting competition as there is a lot on the line.

Click HERE to read yesterday’s live feed updates for all of the latest developments in the house!

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