Big Brother 16: Rumor Round-Up (Part 3)!

by Matt Richmond on June 12, 2014

There’s officially less than two weeks until the Big Brother 16 premiere and the rumors are getting crazy!


So…as we last reported in our previous Rumor Round-Up the ‘Relatives vs. Veterans’ rumor was in full swing. We listed various people thought to be in the mix for the new season. Since our last post those rumors seemed to die down a bit and it was looking like it might be all-newbies (until today – more on that later!).

Former houseguests are out in full force playfully messing with the fans as the pre-season rumors ramp-up! Take a look at a couple tweets from BB12‘s Matt Hoffman and BB15‘s winner Andy Herren posing with Daniele Donato (BB8/13) and Dominic Briones (BB13) below:

I’m sure there will be a lot more of those types of tweets to come in the next two weeks…rumors galore!

Big Brother 14‘s Frank Eudy was one of the people that was heavily suspected to be on Big Brother 16 if this twist were to become a reality. Frank sent out these messages via his Twitter regarding his rumored participation:

Frank is basically denying that he and his father were asked to participate together and also says that he wouldn’t even want to play the game with his dad. It seems like the rumor of Frank being on the show can be pretty much squashed at this point. I will say that sometimes the houseguests don’t get a lot of notice before they find out they’re being brought back. I remember Daniele Donato saying that she only had about three days to prepare to go back on during Big Brother 13. Sometimes it happens at the last minute so I wouldn’t rule anything out at this point.

And now onto the big news…

Apparently, there was a new Big Brother 16 promo that ran on CBS today — I have still yet to see this commercial and it’s not on YouTube yet but it’s confirmed that it aired. This promo stated that this season will feature a “2-night move in event.”

I can’t say that I’m totally surprised by this. I thought it was weird that this season’s premiere date is on a Wednesday (June 25th @ 8PM EST) and Big Brother is airing on Wednesday’s, Thursday’s, and Sunday’s this season. Typically, the season premiere is on a Thursday and there’s not another new episode until Sunday night. I knew there was something going on with there being two shows back to back like that. The second move-in episode will air on Thursday June 26th @ 9PM EST).

Rumor has it that this two night move-in event will in fact involve returning veterans and their loved ones. The loved ones will move in on the first night and then returning veterans will then be revealed to the public. After that, there would be some type of vote and the veterans chosen by American would then move in on the second night.

I’m a little bit confused by this idea because normally the move-in is not live and the houseguests usually enter about 6 days before the show premieres. It seems like if they were going to do this “voting” plan then both move-ins would need to take place live. They wouldn’t have the loved ones move in six days before the vets entered and if it wasn’t shot live then America wouldn’t really be able to vote because they would have to reveal the returnees almost a week before the premiere. So who knows…maybe the move-ins will be live this year would be an exciting first!

Another confirmation of the two night move-in comes in the form of the live feeds. Normally, the live feeds begin the night of the premiere after the west coast airing. However, we have confirmation from that this year the live feeds won’t begin until June 27th at 1AM EST after the second episode has aired.


@BigBrotherWire on Twitter stated that some of the houseguest kidnappings were done today with the rest taking place this Sunday (June 15th).

It’s rumored that there will be 18 total houseguests this season. If that’s true that would be the most houseguests to ever live in the house (the maximum has been 16). I’m not sure how accurate that is – that would A LOT of people in the house at once.

I have to say that I definitely think that the ‘Relatives’ theme could happen in some capacity, especially with the two night move-in now confirmed. Whether it’s ‘Relatives vs. Veterans’ or all newbies vs. their relatives I definitely think it’s a possibility.

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