Congratulations To BB15 Winner Andy Herren & Final Thoughts On The Season!

by Matt Richmond on September 24, 2013

Now that Big Brother 15 has finally come to a close and everything is starting to die down, I want to say a BIG congratulations to ANDY HERREN on being this season’s winner! I thought Andy did play a great, sly game this season and was definitely the most deserving person that was at the end of the game.

It may not have always been obvious to viewers because of the type of game he played but I do believe that Andy was always planning, strategizing, and trying to maneuver his way to the end and I think he proved this by the way he answered his jury questions. He had a reason for everything and never failed to give an answer to whoever was asking a question. I would have to place him more towards the top half of the list when it comes to winners if I was going to rank them.

Some may disagree but that’s why Big Brother is such an amazing show. Everyone has a different opinion and takes something different out of each season. And this season is no exception.

Big Brother 15 was by far the most controversial season of Big Brother that I have ever watched. Everyday it was a new headline across the web and television and it never stopped. The comments about it were everywhere on this website and on my Facebook and Twitter pages for the website. It was inescapable.

Most will probably continue referring to Big Brother 15 as the worst season ever, and it might be from a gameplay standpoint. However, I do think that this season has a lot to teach us about our society and the world we are currently living in. If we’re trying to see a mirror image of our current society through Big Brother, this might actually rank as one of the best seasons.

Along with a being a game, Big Brother has always been a social experiment. What happens when you put sixteen people in a house together and lock them in for three months? This season, we saw people make a lot of racist and homophobic comments that were very hurtful to a lot of people. There is no denying that. The behavior was inexcusable at times and it was shocking to much of the viewing audience. It was really the internet Big Brother fans who ended up making the comments into national headlines.

It goes to show that there is still a lot of ignorance in our country and even if it seems like we’ve come a long way, there is still a long road ahead. I want to point out that sending this season’s houseguests hate over Twitter or Facebook will not help the situation. Sending them hate only makes the issue worse because you’re doing exactly what you’re hating on them for. Hopefully, the houseguests who made these comments and statements will learn from them and grow. Remember, that they are people too and they make mistakes. As Ghandi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

I think Big Brother 15 has a lot to teach our country and I wish even more of the population could’ve seen it this summer. I hope that it really made people think about important issues that are still very prevalent in our country today. I hope that people remember Big Brother 15 as being more than just the season with the racists and remember the lessons that could be learned from it.

It’s very fitting that after a season filled with racist and homophobic comments, we have our first gay winner in Big Brother history in Andy Herren as well as the first minority winner since Jun Song in Big Brother 4. It’s nice to see a triumph like that after a season that was almost completely bogged down by negativity. Congratulations once again Andy!

Suzanne September 24, 2013 at 8:25 am

I do have an opinion but I will keep it to myself and just say I’m glad BB15 finally ended & Andy did not deserve to win.

Kathy September 24, 2013 at 11:07 am

I agree!

Paul September 24, 2013 at 10:41 am

Drew was the first gay winne since he was closeted at the time but he no longer is.. Andy was the first openly gay winner. Andy did deserve the win over the final contestants since he won the most competitions and was constantly strategizing for the best game. Well deserved.

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